Mission Statement

Our mission for the Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce shall be to promote an environment which fosters economic development, works in partnership with our civic agencies, and provides value to our members through education, networking and cultural interests thereby enhancing our region for work, play, raising families and doing business.

Vision Statement

Our vision for the Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce is to be the leading business organization for our local business owners, to encompass a strong, transparent image that is cohesive with our members, and become a driving force for our current and future members to succeed.


  • Foster an entrepreneurial spirit in our youth through programming and support specific to their needs and best interest.

  • Create a collaborative environment for our members to expand their business knowledge, network, clientele, and resources.

  • Advocate for our members as a unified voice to create changes in our economic landscape and curate new opportunities for our local businesses.

  • Delegate access to new resources and opportunities for our current established businesses and offer unique experiences for our future business owners and members.

  • Navigate a roadmap for community and economic development that is in the best interest of our members and our future by attracting new clientele and opportunities to our area.


  • To create opportunities for business and social contact among chamber members (network)

  • To effectively represent local business interest to government (advocacy)

  • To provide beneficial programs and services to chamber members (inform)

  • To support the needs of the chamber members and local community (provide)

  • To create an environment in which to sustain established businesses and to develop new businesses (create)

  • To act as a business advocate to support effective business policies which promote economic opportunities (support)

Why Join?

Our community is growing fast. We are working toward a stronger economic environment, and create a path for the next generations to follow. Join our Chamber, join our initiatives, join our future.


We want to show you off

All members are profiled. Rest assure we will incorporate beautiful imagery into your project so it stands out to the world on our platforms.

Inclusion & Growth

Network within our community

Connect with complementary businesses, find your competition, make lasting relationships, and become part of something amazing.


Insurance never looked so good

The Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce (PRCC) is a member of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce (MCC). This means that our members get the same benefits as the MCC members do.
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