Maker’s Space Initiative

Fostering economic development within our community.

The Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce (PRCC) is conducting research and analyzing the potential uses of a $25000 grant to bring in new business opportunities to the area. As a part of the research, the PRCC is administering an online survey.

The survey asks to provide information regarding the products and services that current and potential business produce. Additionally, the survey asks for opinions on the likelihood of renting space at a co-working, makers’ space, and/or commercial kitchen facility. These responses will assist in determining the best use of a potential facility for entrepreneurs in the RM of Piney and surrounding areas.

Survey results will be kept strictly confidential. Responses will be analyzed and reported only in the aggregate (totals). No individuals or companies will be identified in the published results.

At the end of the survey, respondents can choose to provide their email address for updates about the results. This response will be stored separately, and the information will be provided only to the PRCC who will use it only for commercial revitalization purposes. All your other responses will be kept confidential and won’t be associated with your email or your business name.

For your reference, the following terms are used throughout the survey to describe potential uses of the grant:

Co-working space: Provides rented office space, conference rooms, and other business services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. This co-working environment allows for collaboration and networking among entrepreneurs with related interests and business goals.

Makers’ space: A facility for makers to rent space and equipment to create and build their products. Makers’ space also allows for a shared-community of creators to collaborate on projects and/or pilot a business plan.

Commercial kitchen: A rentable kitchen and space for food related entrepreneurs to use. This facility may also include other amenities such as business services and office space to assist the entrepreneurs as they continue to build their business.


Expanding and inspiring businesses, present and future.

Since inception, the Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce (PRCC) has held a vision of creating a makerspace in our region so that entrepreneurs have a place to test out new food products, create prototypes and generally work on big ideas with equipment they wouldn’t have access to in their day to day work or personal life.


The PRCC’s Makers’ Space will contribute to both business and community development goals. With conscious regard to the pandemic restrictions, the initiative will begin as a lending library for equipment, similar to a book library. The intention is to evolve into a physical space, perhaps in one of the many community halls in our region once it is safe to proceed with these actions.

This program will allow entrepreneurs of any age to use equipment they might not otherwise be able to access to create prototypes or develop new food products to participate in the local economy. There are already a number of entrepreneurs who sell a variety of products at the local farmer’s markets. This program could provide the means for these business owners to expand their product lines. A makers’ space also introduces a community development benefit of mentoring between more seasoned business people and youth entrepreneurs. And not just in one direction. This collaboration would allow youth to learn marketable skills that will help them pursue paths they may not have otherwise considered. Adversely, this initiative could provide the opportunity for those who are less tech savvy to learn new technology from youth who have never known a world without computers.

Our PRCC non-profit member, Sunrise Corner Economic Development, has determined new business development and existing business growth as top priorities. Economic development manager, Monique Chenier, is able to offer additional value and benefit by working with these entrepreneurs to help develop, market and grow their businesses. Monique can be reach at for further assistance.

One major intention of the PRCC formation was to foster economic development with the ultimate goal of enhancing our region for work, play, raising families and doing business, a makers’ space is a great way to advance the creative thinking that will be needed to come up with the next big idea.

All who are interested in volunteering on the Makers’ Space committee to move this progressive idea to reality are encouraged to contact the PRCC president Jonathon Prevost at