Some business owners might say their schedule is demanding enough, and the thought of adding one more activity to their busy calendar is unbearable…

So why should they try to cram time into their already hectic schedules to join and actively participate in their local chamber of commerce?

Because membership in the local chamber offers numerous benefits and keeps business owners on top of important, ever-changing issues and trends within their community and local marketplace.

Research points out that consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it’s a member of their local chamber of commerce.

By being an active chamber member, you play a large part in supporting and enriching the local business atmosphere which enriches your entire community.

You can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you’re identified as a member of a chamber of commerce.

  • As a new member of the chamber of commerce, you will be listed in the chamber newsletter, e-newsletter, on Facebook and have the opportunity to be highlighted in other chamber publications. You also can grow your business by advertising with the chamber and sponsoring events. The chamber may also promote and assist with any public relations efforts.

Chambers have numerous committees and serving on one of them provides numerous networking opportunities as well as professional leadership development. You can build your business while promoting developments of keen interest to local businesses and the community at large.

The local chamber takes on the tough issues and opposes new regulations, taxes, fees, assessments and costs directed at small businesses. It also helps protect the principles of free enterprise and aids businesses in being treated fairly.

The chamber’s most fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the community. The chamber initiates more business-to-business commerce and more opportunities for networking and connecting local professionals than is available through most other local organizations.

Messaging provides new member information, interesting information about operating a local business, articles about the local community, a community calendar and details about up-and-coming chamber events, among other things.

Your local chamber receives calls from individuals and businesses looking for potential vendors, and chamber members typically recommend chamber members.

Chamber events and programs provide members with great opportunities to get to know new people and expand their prospect base. Chamber events are innovative and fun ways to help members meet potential customers, clients and vendors— and generate new business leads.

With a chamber membership, you can reach potential clients through member exclusive advertising and opportunities for business-to-business advertising and publicity.

Just ask the members

Paul Boileau, member since 2016

“I became a member because I wanted to see an organization of business-minded people support and promote the area. Economically and socially we are well on our way to get where I had hoped we would end up. All we need is more membership.”

“As a member, I have been able to do networking with other chamber businesses and members which have brought me connections beyond the membership as well.”

Julie Friesen, member since 2019

“I am a property owner in the RM of Piney so it’s more than just a business move to be involved with this community. I love hearing about all of the initiatives that are happening because it puts into perspective how much happens even in a rural area. I use this information as a way to connect my real estate clients with the area. The more I know, the more I can share. The more I share, the more opportunity there is for the area.”

“If you love something, you will never be at a loss for words or ways to sell it. I love the RM of Piney which is why I bring my business here. The PRCC has had a leading role in my growing love for the community.”

Tom Hebel, member since 2016

“It is important for everyone, especially youth, to become involved with the PRCC because it is a place where they can find personal opportunities and also become connected with the community to help it grow as well.”

“I have enjoyed hearing about others’ struggles and solutions during the pandemic because it has helped me feel less alone. I also love learning about their creativity as we make it through these tough times.”

John and Margie Prevost, member since 2016

“The greatest benefit of membership is being connected to the ability to see the pulse of the community and innovation within it. By being connected, we can contribute to the community, local economy and the needs of the community. An example is the Christmas food hampers. Watching the community come together and inspire other members to become more active is amazing and very heartwarming. We appreciate the support we get from the community and the members as individuals and as business owners.”

Henry Nickel, member since 2018

“I am the general manager for Clearview Co-op so I make it a priority to connect myself with all of the communities where we have locations. I do this by joining community clubs and chambers of commerce. Throughout the years of my involvement with the local chambers, I can confidently say that the PRCC is one of the most active local chambers I have ever seen. They should be incredibly proud of that.”