Community Symposium

Welcome to the 2022 Virtual Community Symposium. The Community Symposium, now in its third year, provides local career inspiration and information to students and residents of southeast Manitoba.

Partners & Sponsors

This event is a partnership of Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce, Rural Municipality of Piney, and Ross L. Gray School with support from Sunrise Corner Economic Development. Thank you to the Province of Manitoba Building Sustainable Communities Program for funding the video production for this year’s virtual symposium. We look forward to future in-person events where students and residents can meet in-person with local employers.


Video Resources

Keynote Speaker, Dalip Shekhawat

Keynote speaker Dalip Shekhawat inspires by sharing his journey to the top of the world and to the most inhospitable desert dunes and makes the connection to how those skills apply in everyday life.

Shekhawat is a passionate mountaineer and ultra-runner who summited Mt. Everest in May 2019 and in October 2021, completed the 250-km Marathon Des Sables in the Sahara Desert. For Shekhawat climbing and running was an interesting journey of self-discipline, perseverance, and leadership, but most important was raising funds to make a difference in the lives of individuals he supports.

Currently, Shekhawat works at St Amant School as a special education teacher and he is also a member of Royal Winnipeg Rifles. Shekhawat is married to Parul Shekhawat and is a proud father of two boys.

Find Your Path: Direct to the Workforce

Learn about some of the career options available in Sunrise Corner that offer on-the-job training. Join locals John Prevost (Premier Tech Horticulture), Dean Preteau (Manitoba Hydro), and Josh Verhoog (Moonshadow Holsteins) as they explain how you can be successful taking on local job opportunities directly out of high school.

Find Your Path: Entrepreneurship

According to the 2021 census, the Sunrise Corner region has twice the level of entrepreneurship than the Manitoba average. Hear from local business owners Leah Bouchard (Green Pastures Farm), Dave Wiebe (Level Welding & Manufacturing), and Laura Reeves (Prairie Shore Botanicals) as they discuss their journey into successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Find Your Path: Post-Secondary

Going away to get an education and coming back to Sunrise Corner to build a life is a viable choice for many. Learn about a few options with Nicole Vinet (Border Land School Division), Angela Preteau (Frostiak & Leslie Chartered Professional Accountants), and Stephanie Rozsa (Southern Health) as they share their experiences of contributing back to the communities where they grew up.

Local Career Opportunities

Thank you to all the community-minded individuals who participated in this video series to provide background on their career paths. Check out their employers’ websites for local career opportunities.


Piney Regional Chamber of Commerce

Rural Municipality of Piney

Sunrise Corner Economic Development

Direct to the Workforce

Premier Tech Horticulture

Manitoba Hydro

Moonshadow Holsteins


Green Pastures Farm

Level Welding & Manufacturing

Prairie Shore Botanicals


Border Land School Division

Frostiak & Leslie Chartered Professional Accountants

Southern Health

Other Local Government Employers

Canada Border Services Agency

Canadian Armed Forces

Government of Manitoba

Royal Canadian Mounted Police