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Delta Real Estate – Julie Friesen

Julie Friesen

Meet Julie Friesen, a Delta Real Estate agent and broker who joined the PRCC in 2019. Julie first entered the real estate scene in 2005 under her father’s recommendation. At this time, she took less than eight months to complete her certification with the Manitoba Real Estate Association while still working full-time as an internal sales representative. The majority of the course focused on law, the real estate broker act, and accounting which have all served her well in her day-to-day knowledge on the job. Since then, Julie has also earned a Seniors Real Estate Specialist Designation and is a member of the Political Action Committee through the Manitoba Real Estate Association. Most recently, she has become the president of the Manitoba Real Estate Board for 2021.

As a member, Julie’s most notable experience has been personal, as a homeowner in the RM, not just as a real estate agent in the area. She has seen the RM in a new light as she’s gotten to know the ‘behind the scenes’ actions taken to keep the area and the businesses running smoothly. Her word of advice for all business owners is, “if you hired someone to replace you, what is the first thing they would do to improve your business? Whatever that is, do it.” As a Delta Real Estate broker, she lives by these words. Her compassion for the agents in her office comes from her years of experience in their position. She keeps the agents motivated with an effective line of communication to create dependability and a strong relationship. As an agent, her motto is “bringing your dreams home!” because her goal is to hear the wants and needs of her clients and make them into reality even in situations where they never thought it could be possible. Finally, Julie left off with a message for everyone who is looking to begin or change a career path, “if you truly love and appreciate something, you can sell it to anyone.” Julie loves the RM of Piney because she has such a great appreciation for its natural beauty and all it has to offer. That is what has made her so successful in our area.



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90, Brandt Street, The Meadows, Steinbach, Manitoba, R5G 1M6, Canada
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